Conference Postponed

After much consideration, we are postponing the 2021 International School Safety Institute conference previously scheduled for April 11 through 13, 2021 in Reno, NV. At the Institute, we respect the safety of our attendees and always make decisions such as this based on their feedback and factual information. We also listen carefully to recommendations made by the Medical Experts and Scientists who are diligently working through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are confident we will get through the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis incident response, but we realize it may take time.

We will not bring attendees together for an indoor and in-person school safety conference until such a time as we can ensure they will actually be safe. Our training staff and presenters have decided we will not hold an International in-person conference until precautions such as masks, social distancing, and restrictions related to travel and lodging are still areas of concern to the health and safety of our attendees and their families. We will return to normal at some point, and that is when we will once again offer in-person conferences.

We understand the main focus in education right now is getting schools back open safely so students can continue with learning and the all-important social and emotional growth schools provide. We also understand that manmade and natural hazards posing threats to school safety are still out there, so we cannot focus entirely on the COVID-19 Pandemic response when we bring students back to school. Violent threats to schools, teen behavioral and mental health concerns, and the other areas of risk to school safety will come back to schools when they re-open, so we must be prepared for them.

In order to assist schools to remain in an “All Hazards” preparedness mode, we will be offering a series of web based trainings throughout the year addressing the topics scheduled for presentation at our 2021 symposium. This will not be a virtual conference scheduled for a specific date. We will offer short blocks of training on specific topics multiple times throughout the year in order to assist schools and districts with scheduling and funding concerns.

Topics covering all areas of school emergency response, to include infrastructure target hardening and grant funding will be presented through Jeff Kaye at School Safety Operations. Information on these sessions can be found at and will be updated in January 2021.

Topics related to Digital and Behavioral Threat Assessment, and other culture and climate issues, will be presented through Theresa Campbell at Safer Schools Together. Information on those sessions can be found at It is available now and updated often.

We will be scheduling another in-school safety symposium to be held in Reno, NV. on a date to be determined based on the status of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will announce that date at least six months prior to the conference. Updated information can be found at

We look forward till we can once again meet in person. Until then, remember, in Continuity Of Operations Planning there is no “New Normal.” There is only normal and abnormal. We will get back to normal, and we’ll do it together. In the meantime, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

Jeff Kaye, President
School Safety Operations Inc.
(775) 233-8317