Overcoming what scares us most to advance career as education administrator

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The team at the International School Safety Institute travels globally to facilitate trainings for education and law enforcement professionals involved in school safety. Some aspects of our training involve hands-on tabletop exercises directed at responses to man-made or natural threats. During these trainings, we see participants exhibit phenomenal critical thinking and response skills while working through these exercises. They are not afraid to do what’s required of them in the simulated scenarios.

While we ask educators and administrators to do what’s required to protect lives, when we ask them to present to a group of people, particularly their peers, we see people freeze. Many lapse into the physical reaction of turning “red”, a clear indicator of panic or fear. Does this sound familiar?

School safety training often focuses on the high impact-low probability threats but perhaps there should be room for development on the things that really scare us. Research shows there the chances of a bad guy coming to a school with a gun is extremely low, but a lot of training focuses just on this one scenario. We also know with certainty that in order to advance your career as an Education Administrator or Superintendent you will need to speak to an audience of your peers as a subject matter expert (SME) at some point in time. This is a high probability event that directly affects your work culture and climate – and can cause deep anxiety in people who fear public speaking.

As professionals, we all understand that no matter the situation people are faced with, having lack of training and preparedness increases fear, anxiety, and sometimes panic.

The International School Safety Institute is pleased to offer its Professional Development Workshop Track at its annual Conference taking place September 30th in San Diego, CA.

John Callery, Assistant Special Agent in Charge will facilitate a full-day workshop on “Effective Public Speaking.” Throughout John’s twenty-seven years with the DEA, he has presented training programs to law enforcement, military, educators, and heads-of-state in forty-plus countries. Attendees to this workshop will benefit from John’s experience, and see an immediate improvement to their public speaking and presentation skills by the end of the day.

Safety must be addressed through a holistic approach to a problem having many moving parts. There is no single “magic bullet” that can address every aspect of safe school culture and climate. If there is any area causing fear or anxiety, it is an area that needs to be addressed through training, because it will detrimentally affect safety. Our goal is to assist safety minded individuals who aspire to advance to leadership roles in their organizations, because tomorrow’s leaders will need to effectively address problems in school safety. We know this proactive approach works, because we see the results through your efforts in school safety.

More information about John’s Effective Public Speaking workshop, and all other presentations, is at www.InternationalSchoolSafety.org.

Stay safe Gatekeepers…

Jeff Kaye

President, School Safety Operations


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