One of the biggest stressors in education is safety.

One of the biggest stressors in education is safety. Polls taken of college students preparing to graduate with teaching degrees show safety as their major concern as they enter their new career. They feel prepared to begin educating our children, but none of their college curriculum taught them how to prepare to keep their students safe if something bad happens.

Similar polls of upper level school administrators also shows safety as their number one stressor, so not much changes in that area between the time a teacher is a graduate student to the point in their career when they are an upper level school administrator. The only way to change this is to interject realistic, proactive training into the education system. Training builds confidence, and confidence not only lessens stress, it improves safe school culture and climate.

Threat Assessment, Emergency Operations Planning, Emergency Response, Communications Planning, and Emergency Preparedness are just some of the things a school administrator has to concern themselves with in order to remain in compliance with statutes and recommended best practices in order to avoid liability. With all the other areas of education our teachers, administrators, school staff, and school board members already have to worry about, it’s no wonder safety is the leading stressor in the industry.

Digital and Behavioral Threat Assessment and all aspects of school safety will be topics of presentations at our Bridging The Gaps In School Safety workshop, but we’ll also be talking about stress. We call stress the silent killer, and it shows up at every school every day. Join us at our workshop, and let us help you lower your stress level…

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