The International School Safety Institute is pleased to reserve a guaranteed number of hotel rooms
on premise at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino to accommodate Symposium attendees. You will
want to reserve your room as quickly as possible to take advantage of our group rate of $59/night
for double or single occupancy plus: 13% Washoe County Room Tax, our daily resort fee plus tax
and a $2.00 tourism surcharge fee (all items subject to change). There will also be a $1.99 per day
housekeeping gratuity added to your folio. Guests will have the option to choose not to participate.

Please use the passkey to reserve your Hotel Lodging or call
1-800-648-5080 and include the name of the group: International School Safety Institute.

Group Rate Guarantee

The Group Rate is guaranteed for reservations made on or before the Cutoff Date. Any reservations
made after the Cutoff Date of Friday, September 11, 2020 shall be at the Hotels then current
available rate.